How do I add a dependant child/partner to my membership?

You can add a partner or child/children to your membership as long as they are living with you.  There are some rules around how this is done and whether the qualifying period applies. Please see below:

If you have a Single membership

You can only add a dependant to your existing Single membership online if that person you are adding is not in the database already. This will update your Single membership to a Family membership therefore your membership end date will change.

If they have a current membership or have been listed on a membership already, you will need to call the Membership Service Centre on 1300 366 141 and they will action your request. If there are two Single memberships involved please click here for more information.

You can add a partner or children (including newborn babies) to the membership however the qualifying period may apply as per the Membership Scheme Business Rules

If you have a Family membership

You can jump online and add or remove dependants as required.  

Please note:

  • When logged in as the primary member you can add and remove dependants. If all dependants are removed, your membership will become a Single membership.  
  • The qualifying period may apply to those that you add.  Refer to the Membership Scheme Business Rules.
  • If the person you want to add is already listed in our system, you will not be able to add them online and you will need to call the Membership Service Centre on 1300 366 141.
  • We do not contact any dependants that you remove so if applicable, it is recommend that you let them know they are no longer covered under your membership.

You can also request changes to your membership via chat and email (please make sure you provide 3 points of ID).

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