What you don't get

If you're a member, you won't get:

  • Services we don’t think you clinically need.
  • Transport that’s not to the nearest medical place that can treat you, as we decide.
  • Transport to other services we don’t think you clinically need, like if you want to move to another place to be closer to family.
  • Non-emergency cases where we haven’t made you an active member yet.
  • Emergency cases when you’re not an active member yet but you have a problem with your health you knew about already
  • Services used before 5pm the day after we receive your payment
  • Services that the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) or WorkCover are in charge of, unless they have rejected a claim
  • Transport paid for by us where a third party is in charge of payment, as said in the ambulance payment guidelines.
  • Services performed by a non-registered provider.

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