Membership types and cover provided

An Ambulance Victoria (AV) membership provides you with ambulance cover. This protects you from the costs when you use the ambulance service.

There are two types of membership you can purchase:

  • Single - this is for you only
  • Family - this is for you, plus your partner and/or children under the age of 17 (and living under the same roof) or full time students under 25.

What type of cover is provided when you buy membership

In Victoria you get:

  • Emergency road transport by us.
  • Emergency air transport by us.
  • Treatment by our paramedics.
  • Clinically Necessary Non-Emergency transport by us or our partners.

If you are travelling in other states you get:

  • Emergency road transport by their states service.
  • Emergency air transport by their states service.
  • Treatment by paramedics when you don't need moving.
  • Clinically Necessary Non-Emergency transport to the nearest medical facility. AV must approve this service prior to booking.

Please refer to the AV Business Rules for more information.

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