What is not covered by Ambulance Victoria Membership?

Ambulance Victoria Membership covers you for the cost emergency treatment and transport services to the nearest most appropriate medical facility. 

Your membership does not cover:

  • Any treatment and transport before 5pm the day after you join.

  • Any treatment and transport for the first 14 days of your membership due to any pre-existing medical conditions you had before you joined.

  • Any treatment or transport for the first 14 days of your membership that is pre-booked, non-emergency transport.

  • Transport that’s not to the nearest medical facility that can treat you.

  • Transport to other health services that are not clinically necessary, for example if you want to move to another facility to be closer to family or to attend your preferred doctor.

  • Transport from hospital or other health services back to Victoria after treatment.

  • Services used where there was a road or workplace incident, unless TAC or Workcover have rejected a claim.

  • Services where a third party is responsible for payment, as described in the Ambulance services payment guidelines.

  • Services by a non-registered state ambulance provider.

  • Emergency services not as a result of a Triple Zero (000) call.

Subject to Membership Scheme Business Rules.

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