Does my Ambulance Victoria membership cover me for travel overseas and interstate?

Your membership does not cover you for travel overseas and it is recommended you take out travel insurance.

As a member travelling interstate, you receive the same benefits that you would have received if you had been in Victoria.

Please refer to the Membership Scheme Business Rules for further definitions.


1. If you require transport interstate you will receive an invoice from that interstate service for payment. You will need to go online and provide the details requested, alternatively you can write your AV membership number on the form with a contact number and/or email address and return it to Accounts Receivable Department, Ambulance Victoria, Locked Bag 9000 Ballarat Mail Centre VIC 3354.  If there are any issues or queries, the Accounts team will be in touch.

2. Repatriation for convenience or social reasons is not covered under membership.

3. When clinically necessary, transport back to Victoria may be arranged. Prior approval from AV is required, including a written request demonstrating a medical requirement for the transport.

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