What happens when you are no longer considered a dependant?

If you no longer meet the criteria to be considered a dependant on a family membership then you are not protected against the potentially high costs of ambulance treatment and transport.

Please refer to AV Business Rules for the full definition of who can be considered a Dependant.

Providing the dependant takes out a single membership within 30 days of no longer being eligible under the family membership, they will be entitled to full benefits immediately and the 14 day qualifying period will be waived. Join Now.


  1. Dependants must be listed on a Family membership to receive member benefits

  2. Those dependants awaiting placement at tertiary institutions will continue to be covered under their parents/guardian's Membership up to 31 March of the year for which they have applied for placement.

  3. Where a dependant student aged 17 to 24 years old requires transport by ambulance, an invoice may be issued and proof of full time student status will be required for invoice settlement.

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