What does my Ambulance Victoria membership cover me for?

Ambulance Victoria Membership cover gives you protection against the cost of world class emergency treatment and transport services delivered by highly skilled and dedicated paramedics, aided by state-of-the-art equipment and resources. Specifically it includes:

  • Emergency road ambulance transport

  • MICA (Mobile Intensive Care  Ambulance) attendance and treatment

  • Emergency air ambulance and clinically necessary non-emergency air ambulance

  • Ambulance treatment when transport is not required

  • The same level of cover for ambulance treatment and transport services provided interstate as are covered back in Victoria*

  • Clinically necessary non-emergency patient transport. more info


  • *Ambulance transport back to Victoria must be clinically necessary and approved in advance by Ambulance Victoria.
  • A 14-day qualifying period exists for emergency transport resulting from a pre-existing medical condition and all non-emergency transport for new and reinstated members.
  • Clinically necessary - There must be a medical requirement for the transport and it must be medically authorised by an appropriate health professional and approved by AV
  • Subject to Membership Scheme Business Rules

What is NOT covered

+ Transport fees are not covered by membership where a third party is responsible for payment, as per the Department of Health Guidelines Ambulance Payment Guidelines.


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