What happens when I use the ambulance service?

Membership is not a prerequisite for receiving ambulance transport or services.

At the time of transport, paramedics will collect your personal information and send it through to the AV Accounts department. If the details match what is listed on your active membership, an invoice may not be issued. There is no excess to be paid or forms to complete.

If you do not have an active membership however, you will receive an invoice for payment. The current fees charged for Ambulance Victoria services can be found here

Ambulance Victoria members (including dependants listed on a Family membership) are not required to provide any membership information at the time of transport. 

Ambulance Victoria Invoices
If you do receive a transport invoice from Ambulance Victoria you should go to the AV website in the first instance and complete the online form. You can provide your membership number or Student ID (if applicable) using this form. Click here to request your membership number via SMS. If you prefer to speak to someone please contact the Accounts Receivable Department on 1800 990 029.

Interstate Invoices
If you do receive a transport invoice from an Interstate service please write your membership number and Student ID (if applicable) on the invoice and mail it to: Ambulance Victoria Accounts Receivable Department, Locked Bag 9000, Ballarat, Vic 3354.

If you are uncertain whether you are required to pay an invoice please refer to the website or call the Accounts Department on 1800 990 029.

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