I have closed my membership, am I entitled to a refund?

A refund of the unused portion of a Membership is available upon written request.

Refund amounts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date the request is received in writing and where possible, will be refunded back to the source the payment was made from. Refunds will not be issued to a non-Australian bank account.

Refunds will not be provided for the used (i.e. past) portion of a Membership, or for prior Membership Periods.

An administration fee of $12.50 will apply to all refunds unless waived by AV:

  • If a member has made a duplicate payment a refund for the full amount of the current membership period will be provided to the member on written request. Ambulance Victoria may waive the administration fee in these circumstances. If a refund is not requested by the member in writing, Ambulance Victoria will extend the membership period in accordance with the amounts paid.

  • Waiving of the administration fee is at the discretion of Ambulance Victoria.

  • If a member dies, the unused portion of the membership may be refunded to the estate of the deceased member at the request of an authorised representative of the deceased member. Ambulance Victoria will refund back to the date stated on the official documentation, where possible and provided this date is within the current membership period. See here for more information.

Note:  If the application of the $12.50 administration fee results in a zero or negative balance, no refund is payable on the remaining unused portion of your membership.

To ensure a complete understanding of the refund policy, please refer to the Ambulance Victoria Business Rules for the full terms and conditions.

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