I have decided to defer my studies. Am I still eligible as a dependant under my parent’s membership?

No, as you are no longer studying full time, you will need to purchase your own membership -  Join Now .

Note:  Those dependants (aged 17 up to 25) awaiting placement  at tertiary institutions will be covered by their parent/guardian's membership up to 31 March of that year.

Dependants who have chosen to not continue in further education will be required to purchase their own membership from the last day of full time school attended. For more information on what happens when you are no longer a dependant click here.

Please note:

If you have already been listed as a Dependant on a Family membership, you will not be able to join online and would need to use another method listed (refer to “How can I join Ambulance Victoria membership?).

If you have used AV services, you will be asked to provide evidence of full time study at the time the services were used. If you cannot provide this, you will be liable for the invoice.


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